Mervils: A VR Adventure | For PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

--- The untold Mervil Kingdom is a Land of Exploration, Adventure, & Chaos ---

“Mervils” brings the look of classic platformers to the world of VR and unfolds a very hobbit-like adventure story. Your journey begins in the picturesque Mervil Kingdom, where you learn the history of the jolly Mervil people and of their one great enemy, “Balazar the Evil” who has not been seen in the lands for centuries. You quickly discover that there are 5 vast Mervil Worlds to explore in the Kingdom and that the Worlds are protected by a magical force-field, bound by the Great Mervil Book. Year after year, the power of this Great Book has diminished and now at the time of greatest weakness, Balazar has plotted his return and seeks to destroy you and the rest of the Mervil people. It’s up to one brave hero, to collect the lost pages, rebind the Great Book, and defeat Balazar once and for all.

Available on Steam , Oculus, & PlayStationVR:

Mervils on Steam


5 Untold Magical Worlds

The Mervil Kingdom is not for faint of heart adventurers. Bouncing Mushrooms, perilous mine cart paths, luge-like ski hills, and pirate ships are needed to succeed on your quest.

Journeys, Quests & Puzzles

Not only will you need to prove your skills of platforming. Intelligence and a keen eye for detail is needed to solve challenging puzzles and find the hidden secrets of the land.

The Return of “Balazar the Evil”

Two centuries ago, the Dark Lord Balazar, used the power of the Mervil book to conjure himself into a powerful demon. He has finally returned and with him bringing terror & chaos to the once peaceful Mervil Kingdom.



The story begins in a Great Castle...
Friends light the way and Mervils guide your journey
Merlyn lights the Way

Merlyn is an old wizard, who has the power to give you the answers and potions needed to defeat your enemies. As much as Merlyn is there to help you defeat enemies, and travel throughout Worlds, we’d like to think his biggest asset…is helping you discover yourself.  

The Mervil People are helpless

Not only will you need to prove your skills of platforming, Intelligence and a keen eye for detail is needed to solve challenging puzzles and find the hidden secrets of the land.

Dragons are quickly approaching

The Mervil Worlds are under attack and Balazar will stop at nothing to defeat you. You are the only Mervil he fears and because of that, you are his #1 enemy. 

Then travel the Wild West, but discover something strange along the way
Ancient Mervils help you find your way
Jumping to New Heights

The Wild West is filled with some of the most challenging jumping puzzles throughout the Mervil worlds, do you have what it takes to reach the top?

Conquering the Sun God

The Sun God will not test your brawn, but your mind. In these Ancient Lands your deciphering skills will be put to the test.

Contests of Skill

Aim using your eyes not your hands in the final world of the Wild West. These contests are not easily perfected by a mere Mervil.



A Sleigh at the top of an Icy Tundra awaits you
By ice, sled, and snow heroes travel this Arctic Mervil World
Sledding through Danger

Travel by sled though the Icy Mervil Mountains, most never live long enough to see the bottom.

Building Mervil Igloos

Make snowmen with the jolly Arctic Mervils and giant snowballs to squash their enemies.

Fire melting the World

These icy hills are not all fun and games, Balazar has set loose his Fire Demon and is melting the world itself, will you be cunning enough to defeat him?



Navigate your Pirate Ship through the Mervil Seas
Do you have what it takes to sink the enemy ships?
Prepare your Ship for Battle

Balazars enemies are sailing the Mervil seas, you’ll need to prepare yourself for this epic battle.

Sailing the Seas

Your enemies will not fall easily, sail your ship to safe harbor and destroy enemy ships using your head controlled artillery.

Sailing to safe harbor

Even when the coast is clear, Balazars enemies will not rest, do have skills needed conquer the Mervil Seas?



Plunge deep into the beautiful coral oasis
Can you defeat the monsters living at the very depths of the sea?
Explore an Underwater World

This underwater world resembles the color, life, and beauty of the Mervil lands. Find your way through this lush underwater paradise.

Swim with the fishes

The deep coral oasis is filled with allusive Mervil fish and all the wonders of the Mervil Seas.

Climb Cascading Coral

Climb to the tops of beautiful coral structures and try your hand at gravity deifying jumping puzzles.



Fight to the death in Balazars Lair and save your people!
Many heroes have failed before you, Will you be the one to save the Kingdom?
Battle the Dark Lord

Battle Lord Balazar in the Dark Isles of the Mervil world, and put your skills to the test.

Use your powers for Good

The Mervil people have taught you everything they know, have you learned the skills needed to defeat Balazar once and for all?

Can you defeat Balazar?

Balazar holds dark magical power and his strength is greater than it’s ever been before!

Available on Steam, Oculus, & PlayStationVR

Mervils on Steam